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Irrigation underlies the success or failure of every other aspect of crop production. Yet, because of everything that has to be watched over and managed every day during the crop season, it is often neglected, because there was too little time and attention to spread around.  Irrigation management advising involves providing and interpreting soil moisture data; ultimately to provide a weekly day-to-day IRRIGATION SCHEDULE as well as help on issues such as system maintenance and distribution uniformity.

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Data is only as good as its analysis.  Current widespread philosophy on irrigation management is based on century-old research that was the best possible for its time, but does not meet the needs of today's potential.  Cutting edge philosophies have a very real effect on crop quality and yield.  Better irrigation management is the gateway towards setting new standards in crop production.

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Irrigation of the past was limited by our inability to see into the soil and to know its moisture status.  Modern sensors, including tensiometers and water content sensors give us a view of the ups and downs of moisture status in the soil.  Trends from real-time data allow us to predict the correct frequency and duration of irrigations and to meet the needs of crops before the onset of stress.

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